YouTube Drama Solved With One Click

MrScrewTube! In the last several months, YouTube has turned into an immature land of whiners and negativity. It’s all about drama and “gotcha” exposés now. My recommendation page is full of this crap and I feel like it’s going to ruin the guitar YouTube community. We need more solid guitar content and less drama.

gear.abby @MrScrewTube This is an easy one. Don’t click.

Theses “drama videos” are not hard to identify. When you see one, don’t click.

When your friend shares one with you, don’t click.

When your browser suggests one, don’t click.

Your recommendations are full of these drama videos because you clicked. You are writing to me because you clicked. My guess is that not only did you click, but you probably commented too- something like “Enough of the drama, let’s get back to guitar.” So you added a view and a comment which made the video more popular, perpetuating its promotion and therein lies the problem. You probably even went back to see if anyone took your advice. Viewers by the thousands say they are tired of the drama, but they all “click.”

So the “one click solution” is to NOT make that next click.

The drama videos get more views and comments for a reason. Drama is what most people want, unfortunately. The massive number of views these videos get proves that the lowest form of human nature rules and will always thrive in an environment like YouTube. It’s a free platform for anyone to upload a video and perpetually make money from doing so. What do you think is going to happen?

YouTube provides essentially 3 forms of content. Education, Entertainment and Opinion. But in all 3 cases, most people watch because of the presenter’s personality. Well, let me qualify that. The main reason they come back to watch is because of the presenter’s personality. They identify with that person…or they’re irritated by them, and for some reason in the latter case, they come back at an ever higher ratio!

If you then add in the personalities of the commenters, the whole thing explodes into thousands of people identifying with, or hating each other because of their opinions. Violà! Drama. Drama that generates huge revenue for the creator and YouTube in advertising. I’m afraid it’s not going away.

Human nature is inherently competitive and in the quest to win, the path of least resistance is unfortunately, to give the people what they want (great Kinks song, by the way.) Some YouTubers overtly exploit that nature and others stay true to positive content. But I’m sure it’s hard to resist, when they see that they can double their income overnight with a controversial video.

There’s still plenty of good content on YouTube. More good content, in fact, than the drama – way more. If you just stop clicking on those videos, you will see this is true. Your recommendation page and suggestions will eventually switch to showing you the better, more constructive content.

But, will you stop clicking on drama? I guess you’ll soon find out.

Got an opinion on this topic? Comment below! \/

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3 thoughts on “YouTube Drama Solved With One Click

  • February 12, 2020 at 11:48 pm

    YouTube wants to be the next television. Isn’t that what happened to television? 😉

  • February 2, 2020 at 11:25 pm

    If you are under attack do not respond. Kill them with silence. In your mind it never happened and they do not exist, I know of 2 instances where if one side did not respond the issue would burn itself out. But they would not listen. It’s the ego that wants to be right. Let it go.

  • February 2, 2020 at 8:09 am

    It seems for everyone that does the humble brag comments like, “I don’t care about the drama!” Or “stop acting like highschool girls” to make them look ‘above it all’, there’s loads more people commenting on the ‘drama’. I won’t lie, I love this stuff, and if more people were honest they’ll admit it too and just be happy.