Reader: What YouTube is Doing is BS!

MadTuber As I am sure you have heard, YouTube is now putting the responsibility on creators to mark their content as OK for kids or not. They settled with the FTC over an alleged violation of the Child Privacy Act and now we all face potential fines for not marking our videos correctly. They control the ads…they should be taking the responsibility for this.

gear.abby @MadTuber When a reader’s issue involves 2 of the most despised institutions in the universe, big business and the government, it’s pretty hard for a freedom-loving hippie not to take your side. I will, but spoiler alert, that doesn’t mean I have sympathy for you or the other “creators” that are complaining about it…read on and I will tell you why.

Google knew that if they built online products that were helpful and popular to use – free of charge – that the vast majority of people would give up a lot of valuable personal information to use those products. Billions did just that and now Google essentially has a monopoly on The Internet. It is the collective consumer’s fault, but now Google has tremendous power over anyone who uses those products, like YouTube creators.

No government agency can prevent kids from lying about their age, or using their parents account online – and most do. COPPA, the law in question, is meant to protect kids under 13 who are not supposed to have a YouTube account in the first place. It’s a senseless way to go about the end goal, and in that, I smell a rat.

So I agree, what the FTC and YouTube are doing is BS.

However, if the FTC fined YouTube for gathering information on kids and it had 0 effect on the creators, I believe there would 0 interest in the matter and 0 videos complaining about it. Many would do the opposite and admonish “big-brother” Google for being so greedy and corrupt.

The irony here is that when a “creator” does a video complaining about this subject, they make money from that video. Which reminds me that creators have really benefitted from YouTube. And like YouTube, they have also profited off of the use of people’s private information. Some quite nicely, like millions of dollars. I’m sure few creators, if any, ask YouTube regularly if what they are doing behind the scenes is on the up-and-up.

I’m not an anti-capitalist and I am not the least bit put-off by someone making a living, even very good one as a YouTube creator. Consumers by-and-large agree to give up their privacy, so it’s fair game. But I can’t feel sorry for you that your income may drop because of this. You don’t have any right to income, only the pursuit of income.

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One thought on “Reader: What YouTube is Doing is BS!

  • December 1, 2019 at 8:02 pm

    I have no problem with you tube videos having a warning for children. There are some nasty things on you tube. And as far as them collecting info on people, it seems to me by this point they have all the info on me they want, probably you as well. Is Google a pain in the butt? Of course they are, but we are stuck with them.


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