What’s New from PRS for 2019?

PRS New 2019 Releases Revealed

Introducing new models and colors! And what’s been discontinued?

PRS is ahead of the “new release game” for 2019 as per usual, with some interesting twists that I certainly didn’t expect. Some new models? Check. New finishes? Check. Completely discontinuing _____? Che- wait, what?

Let’s start with what’s new for SE.

The biggest change is definitely the expansion of their acoustic offering. Last year, they basically started from scratch with their acoustics, discontinuing the A10E and offering up three new Angelus models – the AX20E, A40E, and A50E. They also introduced three “Tonare” models, which are essentially the Angelus without a cutaway.

For 2019, they have taken Angelus and Tonare to the next level by adding 55E and 60E models. They have also introduced a few new color choices (Sunburst, people!) My personal favorites are the 55E models, because they have quilted maple back and sides that you can get in Black Gold OR Abaco Green. Yes, green. It’s similar in ways to Trampas Green, so it’s not “in your face.” Plus, the top of the guitar is still natural spruce, so the green only plays peek-a-boo when you turn to the side on stage. It’s not as overbearing as one might assume.

There’s not much that changed for SE electrics. They added a new Custom 24 option in Ziricote (which is stunning, I might add). They also got rid of a handful of models – some that were just released last year – in efforts to consolidate and strengthen their offering. Say goodbye to the crazy-looking Standard 24 Multi Foil, Chris Robertson model, 245 Standard, and Santana Standard. If you can recall, PRS did a major facelift on the SE line last year, so now they’re in minor-adjustment mode.

According to PRS, these are the SE “Proven Winners.”

CustomsCustom 24Zebrawood, Trampas Green, Whale Blue, Fire Red Burst, Tobacco Sunburst
Custom 22 Semi-HollowVintage Sunburst
Custom 24 LeftyFire Red Burst, Trampas Green, Tobacco Sunburst, Whale Blue
StandardsStandard 24Transparent Blue, Vintage Cherry, Tobacco Sunburst
Standard 245Tobacco Sunburst
Signature ModelsMark HolcombHolcomb Burst
TremontiGray Black
Zach MyersTrampas Green
Singlecuts245Tobacco Sunburst, Whale Blue
Now – what’s new for S2?

Standard models (both gloss and satin nitro) are now available in a beautiful, earthy Walnut. Custom models are now available in Faded Blue Smokeburst – a super enchanting, mystical blue burst that looks like a massive body of water is being lit up by the moon at midnight. It may even be a new production favorite for me (going head-to-head with Frost Blue Metallic.) You have to see it for yourself.

Another change made to the S2 line is the complete discontinuation of all Mira and Starla models. You’re gasping,”what?!” I know, I was bummed, too. The Mira veers slightly off PRS’s typical path of Customs and Standards with different pickups and an asymmetrical body style, but not that far off the path. I thought it was a good “something different” that added some spice to the line. Apparently PRS prefers mild over medium.

The Starla was always a bit of an outcast. It was kind of like that kid in grade school who was really friendly but not super talkative – but if you got close with him, you couldn’t imagine your life without him. It definitely veered further off the path than Mira did, so it’s a bit more understandable why they made the decision to stop producing it. But I can’t help but feel as though I’ve lost a friend.

As we all take a moment of silence for Mira and Starla, here are PRS’s S2 “Proven Winners.”

CustomsCustom 24Whale Blue, Scarlet Red, Violin Amber Sunburst, Elephant Gray, Dark Cherry Sunburst
Custom 22Whale Blue
StandardsStandard 24 SatinCharcoal, McCarty Tobacco Sunburst, Vintage Cherry
Standard 22 SatinCharcoal, McCarty Tobacco Sunburst
VelaMcCarty Tobacco Sunburst
SinglecutsSinglecut Standard SatinCharcoal, McCarty Tobacco Sunburst
SinglecutViolin Amber Sunburst
CE 24?

Now available in semi-hollow, and three new finishes: Scarlet Red, Faded Blue Smokeburst, and Burnt Amber Smokeburst. Yep, that’s it!


The Core line has some of the most drool-worthy guitars you could ever imagine. There are tons of options, ranging from model to color to artist packages and more. For 2019, PRS has updated the DGT model and Paul’s Guitar.

Paul’s Guitar has historically marked Paul Reed Smith’s most prosound tone discoveries. Get it? Like profound? (*wink wink*) The newly updated version showcases Paul’s dedication to the most intricate aspects of tone. It also boasts several personal touches such as Honduran rosewood fingerboards, Nitrocellulose finishes, “brushstroke” bird inlays, and TCI pickups with narrow bobbins. It truly is his guitar. He just wants everyone to join him in the fun.

The David Grissom Trem, or DGT model, has also received some fine-tuning. It’s based on the McCarty model, but with special appointments such as taller frets, a unique neck shape, Texas-voiced pickups, and a revised control layout. It is now updated to better reflect Grissom’s original vision for the guitar – no binding, a black headstock, a Gen III tremolo, and a slightly different carve on the neck.

Here are the PRS Core “Proven Winners.”

CustomsCustom 24Faded Whale Blue, Gray Black, Charcoal Burst, Aquamarine
Custom 24 10 TopFaded Whale Blue
Custom 24-08 10 TopCharcoal Cherry Burst
Custom 22Faded Whale Blue, Black Gold Burst
McCartysMcCarty 594McCarty Sunburst, Black Gold Burst, Faded Whale Blue, McCarty Tobacco Sunburst
Singlecut McCarty 594McCarty Sunburst, McCarty Tobacco Sunburst
Singlecut McCarty 594 10 TopMcCarty Sunburst
McCarty 594 10 TopMcCarty Sunburst, Faded Whale Blue
Specialty509Faded Whale Blue

Well, that’s what PRS has to show for 2019! If you’ve got your eye on one, leave a comment below. If you don’t, still leave a comment. We love to hear what you think. Over ‘n out!

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