Wampler Pantheon Overdrive Pedal

Wampler Pantheon Crowned New “King of Transparent Tone”

The Wampler Pantheon overdrive pedal was designed to emulate the beautifully transparent, but long-discontinued Marshall BluesBreaker circuit. The Pantheon will help you achieve that familiar break-up and enhance any of your guitar or amp’s natural voices. But unlike the BluesBreaker, The Pantheon isn’t out of reach. It’s a simple click away.

The Pantheon is a great pedal to use with both clean and dirty amps, and is described as “chewy,” yet “crunchy.” Who wouldn’t want tone that is described by the same adjectives as that of a Snicker’s bar? You’re not you when you’re hungry. You’re also not you when you don’t have The Pantheon to enhance your natural tone.

It’s also very touch-sensitive, which is exactly what you’d experience with any amp that’s breaking up. The core of the Pantheon holds a precisely tweaked EQ stack, so you can fine tune your tone to find that perfect balance of “breaking blues.”

The Pantheon features three levels of gain saturation that can go anywhere from slight break-up, all the way to the extreme filth. The second toggle switches from classic BluesBreaker tone to a texture that closely resembles KOT-style pedals. It also features a Presence control that, ironically, is not hidden away on the side.

BluesBreaker clones are always in high demand. It’s one of the most popular circuits ever made. Brian Wampler’s quest to create this exciting new twist derived from extensive research done on the original circuit, as well as many of its clone derivatives. The Pantheon is the result of combining everything he loved about his discoveries with the unmistakable “Wampler touch.”

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