Vertex Effects NYLE Compressor Release

The Vertex Effects NYLE is a compressor/mic preamp hybrid designed to simply get the job done.

If you’re seeking that punchy, clean, funk tone reminiscent of the ’70s and ’80s, the Vertex Effects NYLE Compressor + Mic Preamp is your willing companion.

It combines the classic studio rack compressors of the 70s & 80s with a vintage mic preamp. It features controls for Compressor Volume, Sustain, Ratio, Preamp Volume, EQ, and Gain, as well as Treble and Attack switches.

Use the top row of knobs and toggles to control the compressor side (volume, sustain, and ratio) to create the perfect blend of your dry compressed signal. Use the 3-way attack toggle to control the sensitivity of the compressor, and the 3-way treble toggle to dial in the higher frequencies that best suit you and your rig. Use the bottom three knobs to control the mic preamp (volume, EQ, and gain.)

Get compression and EQ shaping all in one the the Vertex Effects NYLE!

The NYLE begins shipping late June/early July 2019.

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