Three Next Level Spring Reverbs to Add Space to Your Sound

It’s one of the oldest effects in the book and the first sounds to show up on guitar amps: spring reverb. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of space to your playing or an entire new washy dimension, having the right reverb pedal to get you there is essential. This week, Dan & Mick revisited an old topic from early TPS days and explored a series of new reverb pedals. While all of these have epic sounds tucked within, the goal of this initial foray was to see who springs best.

Wampler Reflection

While reverb seems like a simple enough effect to manage, some pedals out there tend toward option overload for crafting and curating your sound. Wampler to the rescue! The idea behind the Reflection is that if classic reverbs were made possible by the simple brilliance of a spring or plate, that simplicity should reflect in effortless accessibility in a stompbox format.

The Reflection has four parameters: volume, tone, pre-delay, and decay. As Dan & Mick played through the Reflection in comparison with others on the board, the impression was the Reflection seemed to push more signal into the reverb signal giving it a greater sense of dwell and onset of the effect.

One of the added advantages here, which is also true of the others on offer, is an analog dry though signal path. As Dan specified, “this means the signal is split, part of the sound is digitized and effected, and is then reintroduced to the analog world by being mixed on top of your first split signal which never changes.” This means retaining the attack and character of your guitar’s sound while enhancing and extending it with a spacious and springy reverb.

Chase Bliss Audio Dark World

The Dark World from Chase Bliss Audio took social media by storm leading up to this year’s NAMM. This collaboration between Chase Bliss and Cooper FX offers an exceptional range of reverbs, from simple slap-back to otherworldly haze.

When it came to spring, however, Mick observed the instant authenticity of the design. “Those added reflections and short delay time in this pedal sound more realistic to me,” commented Mick. For all the versatility and creativity that comes stock on all Chase Bliss pedals, designer Joel Korte didn’t overlook making the interface familiar and intelligible. For example, as Dan noted the pre-delay function is central and makes tailoring your reverb sound to taste easy. “This adjusts a small delay before the sound is affected. What that enables you to do is ensure the front of your note isn’t masked by anything.”

After playing the pedal with some heavier distortion and selecting and spinning its knobs—dwell, decay, mix, modify, tone, and pre-delay—Dan stopped playing and instantly remarked, “That was all the Dark World? That’s pretty amazing!” Looks like Chase Bliss struck gold yet again, this time out in the reverberating ambient atmosphere opened up by the Dark World.

Source Audio True Spring

The name says it all. This stompbox offers an unbelievably realistic take on spring sounds including the ability to select between short, long, and tank style spring reverbs. These sounds are extended even further by an on board tremolo and a software editor for truly signature tones. As Mick noted, “you can edit all those reverb sounds in the app with loads and loads of other parameter…I am incredibly impressed with this pedal.” With the addition of the SA167 Tap Switch, the True Spring also enables on-the-fly control over the space and pulse of your tremolo sounds. If you’re a spring aficionado, this pedal might be up your alley.

Reverb can be a deceptively simple effect or one that can land you in a world of endless parameters. Whether you’re looking to create an iconic and simple echo sound or an evolving tidal wave of reverberating madness, head over to see us online and in store at Riff City for the largest selection of reverbs around.

TPS Rig Rundown:

Guitars: Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster, Fender Custom Shop ’63 Telecaster, Gibson Memphis 1958 ES-335.

Pedals: Sonic Research ST-300 Turbo Tuner Mini, NRG Effects Purrer, Jam Pedal Rattler, Carl Martin Headroom, Crazy Tube Circuits White Whale, Anasounds Element Analog Spring Reverb, Wampler Reflection, Chase Bliss Audio Dark World, Digitech Hardwire Supernatural.

Amps: Two Rock Classic Reverb Signature, Audio Kitchen Big Chopper.

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