ThorpyFX V2 Pedals – New

ThorpyFX V2 Pedals – New & Improved

ThorpyFX V2 pedals have officially hit the effects scene, sporting newly shrunken enclosures to make them more pedal board-friendly. “Following customer requests, we made the decision to redesign our enclosures and make them smaller,” said founder Adrian Thorpe. The Dane pedal was the first to receive these changes, but now you can get ThorpyFX‘s entire original line up with newly redesigned enclosures. The only exception is the Chain Home tremolo, which was permanently discontinued from the line.

“The new pedals retain the same sonic prowess, but steal less of your precious pedalboard real estate,” proclaims Thorpe. He is using the same circuitry and materials, so the new pedals won’t lose any sonic appeal or physical rigidity. The pedals receiving enclosure changes include the Fallout Cloud, Warthog, Peacekeeper, Gunshot, Veteran, and Fat General.

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