ThorpyFX Heavy Water Release

A new Boost pedal that is making a splash!

Last year, ThorpyFX released ‘The Dane,’ an overdrive + boost pedal designed in collaboration with ‘Danish Pete” Honoré. Effects lovers everywhere gushed over The Dane for its incredible dual functionality and superior quality.

ThorpyFX began receiving an abundance of requests to release the Boost side of The Dane as its own pedal – so that’s what they did – but they took it even one step further.

The ThorpyFX Heavy Water is a two-sided boost packed into one of Thorpy’s smaller format designs. Now you can get the same high headroom, super clean boost you love from The Dane on the right side of the pedal, and an additional boost on the left to provide more volume and grit from Germanium diodes.

The controls include RHS Boost and RHS Lows for the right-hand side boost (DANE side), as well as LHS Boost and LHS Lows for the left side (germanium-driven side).

It’s designed so that each side can be used separately, or simultaneously. Get everything from subtle to smashing – you will be astonished with your options.

The Heavy Water will be available for purchase at participating retailers in August, 2019.

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