Subdecay M3 Release

Connecting the worlds of Synth and Stompbox.

The new Subdecay M3 is based on the Korg MS-20, delivering the sounds of 70s monophonic synths – minus the complications.

Owner Brian Marshall has always been a “translator,” connecting the world of synthesizers to the world of effects pedals. His detailed experience and exploration of the analog synth has been poured into the design of the M3, creating an unparalleled pedal-style mono synth that can be paired with a wide range of instruments.

With incredible tracking capabilities, the Subdecay M3 can be especially useful for guitarists and bassists. Its three digitally controlled analog oscillators will help you achieve a large palette of classic analog synth sounds, including strings, bass, bell tones, and much more. It features 11 algorithms, as well as a unique parameter set for each mode. The algorithm knob’s eleven settings further shapes the sound controlling everything from the filter, two envelope generators, LFOs, portamento and more.

“We’d rather you gasp in awe or disgust than leave you bored. We make stompboxes to help artists make noise. We build pedals our way, with our vision for those unafraid to color outside the sonic lines.” – Brian Marshall

The Subdecay M3 is now available from participating Subdecay dealers for $199.

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