Spaceman Effects Saturn VI Release

Tone as endless as the Universe.

The legendary Spaceman Effects Saturn VI has returned from its mission to bring you even more features than its previous expedition as the Saturn V released back in 2012. This boost/drive pedal is one of the most iconic units ever produced by Spaceman Effects.

Now for Saturn VI’s intuitive control layout. Using Boost alone with Saturn VI gives you 18db of harmonic gain to push your tubes through and through. Adjusting the Drive control brings more harmonic distortion, while also increasing total output. Cranking both controls to max will yield 35db of boost, full of complex harmonics and character. Get vast openness at the top end of the frequency spectrum, while keeping bass frequencies fully present and controlled. Saturn VI features a new Tone circuit, which allows you to tweak the treble frequencies, and make them brighter or darker than the original.

The Boost section is excellently transparent, while the Drive section is colorful and packed with character for use in nearly any tonal application. The drive texture within the Saturn VI consists of both odd and even harmonics. The Boost side of the pedal is focused on subtle even-order harmonics, while the Drive side increases these and brings odd-order harmonics to life. It will also work well with the other pedals on your board, opening your ears to new sonic dimensions.

Saturn VI is hand-wired in Portland, Oregon, with true-bypass relay switching and a soft-touch footswitch. The cast-aluminum enclosure is durable, with an engraved vinyl face plate and red jewel indicator light.

It’s available in Limited or Standard Edition. Standard Edition units use a mixture of modern and traditional building techniques, and are not strictly limited or numbered. Limited Edition units are completely soldered and wired by hand, signed and numbered with deluxe packaging in three deluxe powder-coated colors (White, Red, and Black). Standard Edition units will ring up at $179, while Limited Edition units will ring up at $269.

Limited Edition Quantities Available:

  • Black: 26 total units available
  • Red: 19 total units available
  • White: 15 total units available

All Saturn VI units will begin shipping September 2019.

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