Spaceman Effects Gemini IV Limited Edition Release

5 limited edition colors that will have you shooting high into a dual-fuzz universe.

The Spaceman Effects Gemini IV takes all of the intricate, fan-favorite fuzz from the Gemini III and adds in versatility GALORE with the help of independent gain controls, as well as two filters that can be positioned to your liking for each fuzz, and ultimately blended together. Now, for the fun part…

Gemini IV features a Si/Gemix control in the center, allowing you to blend the two fuzzes and indulge in every fuzz-ability you can think of. Combine the Velcro attack of the germanium side with the smooth sustain of the silicon side, and use the Filter controls in different ways to create textures that are rich and complex. On top of that, the Phase toggle allows you to have even more control over how each side interacts with the other, expanding your galaxy of fuzz above and beyond. 

The Phase toggle on the Germanium fuzz side sky-rockets into brighter territory that is ultra-expandable due to the filter settings in that frequency range. Rock-solid fuzz that has been EQ’d for supreme low-end can still embrace a sharp top-end that is applicable to both your leads and chords with the same settings.

Available in 5 colors with very limited availability: Black (50), Blue Starlight (22), Red (27), White (16), and Silver (35).

They begin shipping July 9th, 2019.

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