Spaceman Effects Apollo VII Release

The release of the Voyager Tremolo had Spaceman customers going wild. They were achieving amazing tones by simply using it as an overdrive with the tremolo depth rolled off. Utilizing that same preamp section that everyone loved in the Voyager, Apollo VII delivers a precise, yet powerful medium-gain overdrive. It features three precisely calibrated knobs to set the basic parameters, while the toggle switch peruses through clipping diode options.

Maintaining the integrity of the original, Apollo VII* takes things up a notch with several refined features. Its three controls (a tribute to Apollo VII, NASA’s first three-person mission) help dial in your level, gain, and tone for a wider array of sounds and up to 40dB of gain.

There’s also a toggle switch for choosing between LED clipping, silicon diode clipping, or no diodes. When LED clipping is selected, you can expect to hear the mid-range, focused grit that you hear with the Voyager I. Silicon diode clipping delivers a more aggressive, compressed sound with a smoother decay tail. With no clipping diodes in circuit, expect to notice much more touch-sensitivity and growl.

Apollo VII also features true bypass relay switching and a soft-touch footswitch. Just like all of your favorite Spaceman Effects, Apollo VII is hand-wired with the highest quality components in Portland, Oregon. Apollo VII sports the brand’s signature engraved vinyl faceplate and jewel indicator light.

Flashback to September when Spaceman released the Saturn VI. This was the first time a Spaceman pedal would be offered as a repeatable sale opportunity in “Standard” Edition. Prior to that, you typically had one chance – and one chance only – to snatch up Spaceman’s exciting new limited-run releases.

Like the Saturn VI, Apollo VII will be offered in both Limited, and Standard (repeat-production) versions. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to jump on the limited edition version. Collectors and pedal gurus alike will appreciate the opportunity to own something cool and unique – something with that added special touch you can’t get in the Standard Edition. While the Standard Edition gets right down to it using a mix of modern and traditional building techniques and a raw enclosure and a lower price point, the Limited Edition dives a bit deeper into the details. Available in four deluxe powder-coated colors, these limited pedals are signed, numbered, and completely soldered/wired by hand with premium packaging.

The Standard Edition Apollo VII sports a raw enclosure and rings up at $199. The Limited Edition Apollo VII is available in four unique color variations – each with its own set number of units being produced. There are 20 units of each Black and White limited edition versions available for the price of $299. There’s also Blue Starlight – limited to 15 units – that rings up at $309. Lastly (and close to non-existent with a mere 5 units being produced) is Purple Sparkle for $319. You can find any version through participating Spaceman dealers*, but if you have a hunger for limited editions, don’t waste another minute!

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