Source Audio Spectrum Intelligent Filter Release

A filter that gets A-Pluses across the board.

The Source Audio Spectrum Intelligent Filter combines nearly 15 years of filter knowledge and technology with the ability to easily incorporate it into a variety of rig styles. Not only does Spectrum Intelligent Filter have the finest envelope sounds inspired by some of the most iconic pedals known to man, but it also boasts synth-like presets that combine elements of distortion, octave, and complex filtering.

“I told Bob Chidlaw I wanted the undisputed greatest stereo filter pedal of all time. He not only did that with Spectrum, but he included up and down octaves, drives, and LFO to create an all-in-one filter extravaganza that is appropriate for all types of players.” Roger Smith, President of Source Audio talks about his goals with the Spectrum Intelligent Filter. “We have already created many legendary filter pedals,” he states. It was time to turn things up a notch…

Straight out of the box, the Spectrum Intelligent Filter has six outstanding envelope sounds to offer, anywhere from vintage to modern. On the vintage end of the spectrum, you’ll notice some super dynamic filters inspired by classic like the Mu-Tron, and the discontinued Lovetone Meatball. On the contemporary side, discover some truly unique synth-like sounds comprised of phaser-filtering, distortion, and OC-2 style octave.

Like your other favorite Source Audio creations, the Spectrum Intelligent Filter is compatible with the Neuro Desktop Editor and Neuro Mobile App. In the Editor/App, you’ll find loads of User Presets as well as a comprehensive set of additional tools for tone-sculpting. The Sound Editor includes 29 different filter options, with the ability to run two filters simultaneously, as well as dual octave voices, one octave up and two octaves down. It also includes 10+ envelope followers, distortion, LFO modulation with 14 different LFO wave shapes, alternate knob assignment, multiple signal routing options, external tap tempo, and external expression control. Create new presets and upload them directly to the pedal, either in a private preset library saved just for you, or published to the Cloud for everyone in the Neuro/Spectrum Intelligent Filter community to enjoy.

Spectrum Intelligent Filter will ring up at $199, and is available for purchase now from participating retailers.

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