Seymour Duncan Polaron Release

It’s not just a ‘phase’ – it’s Seymour Duncan’s new Polaron Analog Phase Shifter.

The Seymour Duncan Polaron is an analog phase shifter that blends a feature-rich design with instant tone gratification simplicity. Not super basic, but not something you’ll need a college degree to operate.

Polaron will help you achieve the swirly, dreamy, spacey sounds that we know from phase shifters since the beginning. At its core is an adjustable 2- to 16-stage analog filter array, delivering a wide array of phaser tones from subtle to totally radical.

The Polaron features Depth and Rate controls, as well as Tune and Resonance controls that allow you to further tweak the effect exactly to your liking. Its 100% analog signal path creates warm, top-notch sound quality that’s achievable in just seconds.

It also features a totally separate digital processor to control LFO and envelope follower functions for maximum versatility and storing presets. In LFO mode, you can operate the Polaron like any traditional phaser by manually adjusting the knobs. The Tap Tempo function syncs the effect precisely to your groove. In ENV mode, use your pick attack to control how the Polaron reacts, for an incredibly dynamic and interactive phasing experience.

When you discover a sound you love, you can easily save it as a preset for recall at any time. Don’t worry about losing tones that you spent precious hours sculpting.

The Polaron is now available through participating Seymour Duncan dealers.*

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