Seymour Duncan Diamondhead Release

The stack is back…just a little smaller this time.

Seymour Duncan introduces the all new Diamondhead Multi-Stage Distortion + Boost pedal. It was inspired by the standard created by the half stack – a timeless, heavily defined sound made famous by the classic rock ‘n rollers of the late seventies and eighties. These iconic sounds have carried through generations, and just because gear seems to be getting physically smaller in our modern era, doesn’t mean the sound has to get smaller, too.

The Diamondhead will fit nicely on your pedalboard, and will help you capture the power and versatility of that legendary rig in a compact form that won’t throw your back out when carrying it on stage. It will allow you to channel your inner Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, RATT, Ozzy – whoever your favorite classic rock icons are – all with the click of a footswitch.

Whether you’re running it into a clean pedal platform amp or into the frontend of an overdriven tube amp, the Diamondhead delivers the flexibility and clarity you need to authentically capture the sound that defined an era.

The Diamondhead will begin shipping from participating Seymour Duncan dealers beginning November 12, 2019, with a street price of $229.

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