Reverend Trickshot | New for 2019

We knew they had some “tricks” up their sleeve.

The Reverend Trickshot pays tribute to the traditionalist, without skimping on Reverend’s distinct personality. Now you can achieve your favorite T-Style tones, and look totally snazzy while you do it.

A twist on the classic single-cut, bolt-on guitar, the Trickshot combines a traditional configuration with cutting-edge taste. It’s innovative, yet versatile, and is the perfect marriage between “meat and potatoes” tone and modern flare. Maybe you don’t want to be like everyone else with a Tele on stage.

The Trickshot derives from the Charger body style. It has a Korina body and roasted maple neck, which is the same as you will find on the rest of Reverend’s bolt-on family. The Korina helps it produce rich, harmonically pleasing resonance, and a pleasant midrange bump. They are loaded with Talnico pickups in the bridge and neck, with Alnico 5 magnets, delivering that easy ’50s twang. The neck pickup is RWRP to cancel out any hum.

They are equipped with a string-thru body bridge with stainless steel saddles that harness some more sustain and bite. And yes – you can tighten up your low-end and re-voice those Talnicos even more with the beloved Bass Contour knob.

The Trickshot is available in three stylish colors, which include Metallic Alpine, Burnt Brick (both with a pearl guard), and Natural (tortoise guard). Which one is your favorite?

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