Reverend Charger RA Release

Super-charged, and ready to rock.

The talented and innovative Joe Naylor launched Reverend Guitars in 1996, creating designs to meet the demands of players around the globe. But Naylor wasn’t just a guitar maker. He was an engineer, guitar-repair extraordinaire, and an incredible player himself. He was constantly looking for new ways to solve problems that musicians faced with their instruments, whether it was regarding tone, or ergonomic enhancements.

On his own personal tone quest, Naylor invented the Railhammer pickup. The pickups had rails and poles – the rails to sit under your wound strings and the poles under your plain strings – ultimately creating tight, clear lows and singing highs. His vision came to life, and now you can find Railhammer pickups in a handful of staple models in the Reverend Guitars line.

You can find Railhammer pickups in “RA” models such as the Sensei, Kingbolt, Descent, and more. It only made sense to put the Charger next in line, sporting Railhammer’s Hyper Vintage bridge / Nuevo 90 neck pickup combo.

The Charger RA also features a dark roasted maple neck, flamed top, and is available in three stylish colors – Trans Blue, Trans Black, and Coffee Burst. It rings up at $1,099 and is now available for purchase from participating retailers.

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