Reverend Airsonic – New for 2018

Spread your wings with Reverend Airsonic

The Reverend Airsonic is one of the most visually pleasing guitars we’ve seen so far in 2018, and doesn’t drop the ball when it comes to tone, either. You may be able to see straight through the guitars, but you can’t see through the innovation.

Founder Joe Naylor sought out a way to combine the sustain and attack of a solid-body with the rich resonance of a semi-hollow. The result features thinner Korina wings on the sides, as well as thru-body “F” holes, which allow the guitar to resonate intensely. The center of the guitar features a thicker piece of Korina, helping to maintain sustain. Fly away with shimmering harmonics, singing single notes, and ringing power chords. They sure do “resonate” with us!

The Reverend Airsonic is available with Railhammer Humcutters (HC) or Hyper Vintage (HB). The Humcutters truly capture the clarity and dynamics of a P90, while leaving the hum behind. The Hyper Vintage really tighten up your lows and fatten up your highs for a sweet compromise. The HC model is equipped with a Wilkinson WVS50 IIK tremolo bridge, and the HB model sports a Flatmount, string-thru-body bridge. Both models feature a roasted maple neck, 25.5″ scale length, and Reverend’s traditional Volume, Tone, and Bass Contour controls.

The Airsonic HC is available in Superior Blue, Metallic Alpine, and Metallic Red Burst. The HB is offered in Coffee Burst, Purple Burst, and Metallic Silver Freeze.

Definitely a “best in show” so far for 2018.

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