PRS Announces Silver Sky with Maple Fretboard and 3 New Colors

All colors of PRS Silver Sky (with the exception of limited edition Nebula) are now available with a maple fingerboard.

For 2020, PRS has announced yet another expansion of the Silver Sky lineup.

The Silver Sky is, according to PRS, “an idealized version of a vintage single-coil guitar where every detail adds up and sets this guitar apart from the pack and the past.” It’s a collaboration between guitar icons John Mayer and Paul Reed Smith that took years to develop (and continues to develop to this day!)

The guitar incorporates both Mayer and Smith’s favorite elements of guitars from 1963 and 1964, with an eye towards modern references. The Silver Sky is based on PRS’s trademark designs, but tweaked to accommodate John’s playing style while maintaining a consistent length of string behind the nut, keeping the guitar in tune. They are loaded with 635JM single-coils, which deliver very round, full tones with undeniable high end sparkle.

The Silver Sky now comes with the option of a rosewood or maple fingerboard, each with a different neck shape. The rosewood option has been subtly modified to feel more “round” in your hand, while the maple option sports the original 635JM neck shape. Both options feature a 7.25″ fretboard radius.

The Silver Sky was first unveiled back in 2018 in four colors: Frost, Horizon, Tungsten, and Onyx. The color selection was refined last year, leading to the removal of Onyx and Horizon and the addition of Dodgem Blue, Moc Sand, Orion Green, and Golden Mesa. Two additional production colors have been unveiled for 2020: Polar Blue and Midnight Rose.

The new Silver Sky models are now available for pre-order through participating PRS dealers.

Silver Sky Limited Edition “Nebula”

In addition to adding two new colors and a maple fingerboard option across the board, a third limited edition color was introduced. The limited edition Silver Sky Nebula sports a unique “Flip Flop” polychromatic finish that reflect light differently at different angles. It’s limited to 500 units worldwide.

This limited-edition Silver Sky features a rosewood fingerboard with a 7.25″ radius. It also features a bone nut, molded metal jack plate (curved to make plugging or unplugging your guitar cable hassle-free), and retooled knobs.

The Silver Sky Nebula is now available for pre-order through participating PRS dealers. But hurry, if you want in on this 500-unit limited run, you will have to get in that pre-order line quickly!

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One thought on “PRS Announces Silver Sky with Maple Fretboard and 3 New Colors

  • January 28, 2020 at 6:27 am

    You’re already 1 week late, the Nebula has been sold out everywhere (even in Europe) 2 days after it was announced