The Real Reason People Watch Gear Videos

Millions of people watch gear videos and other gear-related content every day. Socialblade, a social media analytics website, shows many YouTube gear channels boasting views over 350,000 per day…each. And it’s not just one or two. Thousands more get up to 50,000 views a day.

We conducted a poll to find out why people watch these gear videos. The poll had four options in which participants were asked to select their top two choices. Try to guess which option got the most votes before reading further…

  1. I love gear and learning about it in general.
  2. I like the personalities of the video creators.
  3. To learn ways to start or grow my own gear channel.
  4. To check out a specific piece of gear before buying it.

The results are in!

41% of voters said they just simply love gear and learning about it in general. With all of the gear videos on YouTube these days, and the ever-growing population of gear itself, it’s not difficult to get picked up by the winds of a gear vortex.

Following shortly behind, 33% of voters said they like to watch gear videos to get more information about a specific piece of gear before buying it. Whether you’re looking for a specific sound, function, or purpose – gear videos can definitely help you decide which gear is the best fit for you and your situation. Being able to hear clips of items such as guitars, pedals, and amps is a surefire way to feel confident about a purchase.

22% of voters said they watch gear videos because they like the personalities of the gear creators themselves. Maybe there’s a gear personality who seems to have similar taste to yours, or maybe you just like the method in which they present the gear. Maybe it’s because some of them are just downright hilarious!

A mere 4% of voters said they watch gear videos to get inspiration for starting or growing their own gear channels. This result is not surprising considering the massive number of players out there. Not everybody wants to start their own channel…they just simply love to watch those who do!

What are some other reasons you watch gear demo videos? Tell us in the comments!

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