Our Top Ten Tones and Pro Tips Delivered from That Pedal Shed

This week, our TPS blog takes a different tack by looking back at the tonal highlights, gear breakthroughs, and pro tips from Dan & Mick’s two-year residency in the space affectionately known as “That Pedal Shed.” With Dan & Mick days away from their big move to a new recording space, we thought we’d start off with a word on some of the delay sounds from this week’s episode and then work back through a “top ten” of tones and tips delivered from the first home of TPS.

  1. A Dual Tape Delay Jam Session Featuring Old School Tape Sounds

As Dan & Mick met the challenge of one guitar, one amp, and one pedal, both gents turned up with an echo unit in tow. For Mick it was a fresh take on the Binson Echorec with the Gurus Echosex 2 7TE, for Dan it was a Roland RE-210 Space Echo. Check out the brilliant sounds these two effects make together, it’s definitely worth a listen.

  1. T-Rex Resurrects Tape with the Replicator Junior

Since we’re on the topic of delay, another great moment this year was Dan & Mick’s talk with Michael Pagaard of T-Rex Effects. Among the many T-Rex items on the board that week was one that spun and swirled with open yet warm echoes: the T-Rex Replicator Junior. As Michael commented after hearing Dan play, “Can you feel that? Its alive, it’s moving, it’s just music, man!” Be sure to check out our full write up on the episode here.

  1. Pro Tips on Signal Chain and Pedal Order

In our number eight spot, we’re going back to when That Pedal Shed had white-washed wood paneling. In these early days, however, Dan & Mick covered some foundational topics. In this case, hacks and hints for the order of your effects. While there is a general logic to pedal flow, Dan underscored, “You really need to try it out for yourself. What works for me isn’t necessarily going to work for you.” If you’re putting together a new board and need some advice, check out the full episode here.

  1. The Day of Dual Drives from Strymon and Chase Bliss

While there have been many shows dealing in gain stacking or using boosts, this episode in particular is worth a watch for the shootout between three pedals that are internally stackable. I’m talking about the Chase Bliss Brothers, Strymon Riverside, and Strymon Sunset. In a day when digital vs. analog divides, these pedals show that leveraging some of each is the best way forward. As Dan noted at the outset of this pedal study, “every time [Strymon or Chase Bliss] release something, I get a little bit excited.” If you want to hear why, check out the sounds of these groundbreaking gain boxes in the full episode.

  1. Thoughts on Wet/Dry/Wet and Stereo Rigs

Some of the best sounds in That Pedal Shed have been blasted through a pair of amps. In this episode, Dan & Mick added another volume on the “how to” side of TPS by walking through both tools and tricks for setting up a rig with two amps. For the short story on setting up a stellar (and safe!) stereo or wet/dry/wet rig, check out our blog. For some sounds to prove it’s worth all the hassle, check out Mick’s jam.

  1. Tor, TC Electronic, and Mash Technology

About a year ago, Dan & Mick hosted Tor of TC Electronic. But this wasn’t just any visit, it was to present and experiment with the Flashback 2 and Hall of Fame 2, both equipped with “Mash” technology. In case you missed this, the design takes a simple footswitch and turns it into a pressure sensitive expression button to control various parameters on the pedals. To hear some mind-blowing tones, head over to the highlights here.

  1. Discovering Harmonic Tremolo with Joey Landreth

This one’s gotta make it in the top five. Not only is Joey’s playing worth the watch, so are his demos of both the Walrus 385 Overdrive and Monument Harmonic Tremolo. With a tapable switch to control the pulse and modulation, the Monument offered up a brilliant space for both tone and expression. For the full story on harmonic tremolo, hit up our blog here. To hear Joey wrangle the Monument, check this out.

  1. The Pounding Pulse of the Leslie Cabinet

Space was never tighter in That Pedal Shed than it was back in March 2017, as Dan & Mick were nearly edged out of shot by the massive, real, live, Leslie Cabinet. As Dan commented in this episode, playing this physical effect is “moving beyond words.” For some sounds of the Leslie, check out the intro segment to the episode. If you’d like the full history on Leslie cabinets, head over to our recent Sunday Papers blog.

  1. Getting Your Fuzz On

No TPS rundown would be complete without a little fuzz. Having tackled several types and angles on fuzz over the last few years, arguably one of the best episodes for both sound and practicality was the aptly titled, “A Fuzz Primer for the Fuzzily Unprimed.” With sounds from across the fuzz typology—Big Muff, Fuzz Face, Rat, and Tone Bender—Dan & Mick proved yet again that “all you need is fuzz.” Don’t believe me? Just watch Dan lay into his Les Paul at the beginning of the show and you’ll be out buying another fuzz pedal before episode’s end.

  1. The Keeley D&M Drive: Embodying the Sounds Built in That Pedal Shed

Our top spot has to go to the debut of the Keeley D&M Overdrive. By now, this pedal needs no introduction and has featured on countless TPS boards. So where do we go for some great tones? I’d say start off with Dan & Mick’s study of using pedals with fifteen watt amps (Fender Blues Junior, Fender Bass Breaker 15, Vox AC15). Not only will you get to hear the brilliance of this Keeley pedal, you’ll hear it through three staple amps that might give you a sense of its feel and tone through something you likely have at home. For a full review of the Keeley D&M Drive, head over to the Riff City review page.

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