Orange Amps Bass Butler Release

Your entire bi-amp bass rig in one compact pedal…Orange’s Bass Butler is at your service.

Bi-amping is a technique used by bass players to keep their lows deep and defined, while intensifying their highs and mids separately. But the days of sending your bass signal to a bass amp and a guitar amp at the same time are now over.

Instead of using this technique to achieve your beloved, enormous tone, you can cut out the setup complications and transporting van-loads of gear with your new companion: the Bass Butler.

5-Star Amenities Include:

The Orange Bass Butler will have you saying good-bye to your amp-in-a-box solutions. Instead, Bass Butler splits your signal at the input with two completely standalone, parallel analog signal chains. The only difference? You don’t need an amplifier with Bass Butler.

The always-on Bass Channel features an intuitive control panel, including Compression, Bass, Treble, and volume controls. It’s also loaded with Orange’s highly developed optical compressor circuit, cut/boost tone controls, and a dedicated, bass cab-simulated balanced D.I. output.

The high-gain Guitar Channel features five familiar controls and four stages of gain that are invited in with one tap of the footswitch. Bass Butler’s gain stages will ‘serve up’ anything from bright, vintage tones, to ground-splitting modern mayhem. When combined with its guitar cab-simulated balanced D.I. output and expression jack for added control over the input gain, Bass Butler will impress even the most demanding players.

The Bass Butler features two individual XLR outputs for the two separate channels, so your finished Bi-Amp tone is ready to add to the mix with nothing left to do except blend to taste, with a Ground Lift switch for eliminating any ground loop issues.

It also features an Amp output, which takes a blend of the two channels before the cabinet simulation circuits from a simple, 1/4″ jack – perfect for connecting to the front end of any bass amp. Set the blend with your channel volume knobs so you can control your sound on-stage independently of what the audience hears. Or, you could always just use this output on its own, as if it were a plain ‘ole preamp pedal.

Built to last in a sturdy steel enclosure, the Bass Butler will proudly serve you as one of the only pedals you will ever need. And at only $399, you’ll be thrilled to welcome it to your existing family of bass gear. Your existing family of bass gear, however, may not be as enthused to be left at home during your next gig.

The Orange Bass Butler is now available through participating Orange dealers.*

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