New Martin Models Announced August 2019

New Martin Models in the Road Series, X Series, and a special artist tribute.

Martin continuously evolves their selection to bring their traditionalist style to more players in ground-breaking ways. Often times, the first thing you hear when anyone mentions the Martin brand is, “but they’re so expensive!” Yes, their flagship Standard Series models do come at a hefty cost, but for good reason. They truly have become staples in the industry, and model names such as D-18 and D-28 are frequently mentioned in conversations between acoustic enthusiasts around the globe. So how does this translate among an affordability movement?

You may have noticed in the more recent years that their selection of lower-priced guitars has expanded. Guitars in the Road Series, X Series, Dreadnought Jr, and Little Martin Series are responsible for adding the Martin headstock to the collections of many players who wouldn’t have otherwise owned one. Well, the evolution continues. New Koa models have landed in the Road Series and X Series, as well as a super affordable artist model that won’t leave country players with the “Folsom Prison Blues.”

Road Series

The Road Series has seen a lot of updates in the last year or two. Just added are the D-12E Koa and 000-12E Koa. They are both constructed with a solid Sitka Spruce top, and a Koa fine veneer on the back and sides. The fine veneer is an alternative design to wood that is environmentally conscious and won’t experience the typical shifting you would see on an all solid wood guitar. Both models are also loaded with Fishman MX-T electronics, so they’re great for the on-stage performer. Street price on these two is $1,249 with an included soft shell case.

X Series

The X Series is also expanding into Koa territory with two new models: D-X1E and D-X2E. The back and sides on both of these models are constructed of a gorgeous, Koa-pattern high pressure laminate (HPL), generated from premium Hawaiian Koa. The major difference is, D-1XE’s top is constructed of the same thing as its back and sides, while D-2XE has a solid Sitka Spruce top. The solid wood top bumps D-2XE’s street price to $599, which is $100 more than the D-1XE at $499. Both guitars are equipped with Fishman MX electronics, and include a gig bag with the price.

DX Johnny Cash

DX Johnny Cash

Now you don’t have to spend nearly $5,000 on your favorite country legend’s signature D-35. The DX Johnny Cash model rings up with a street price of $699. It was designed in collaboration with John Carter Cash and the Cash Foundation team, with everything you love about the original signature design in a much more affordable package. The DX Johnny Cash model is constructed of Jett Black HPL, and features a custom fingerboard inlaid with stars and the “CASH” logo. It’s loaded with Fishman MX electronics, and includes a gig bag specially embroidered with the “CASH” logo. The goal was to get a tribute to the country legend into the hands of more of Cash’s honored fans.

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