New JHS Pedals | NAMM 2019

Five new JHS pedals are making this your lucky year.

NAMM festivities have officially begun, and JHS is surging another big jolt this year with their newest bright ideas. “Five New JHS pedals” has such a nice ring to it.

A glance back at 2018…

It has already been one full year since the release of one of their largest successes, the Bonsai. Last year, along with the Bonsai, JHS debuted the AT+, as well as V2s of the Unicorn, Emperor, and Panther Cub. In late August, they released the Kodiak Tremolo and Haunting Mids, in total adding seven new pedals to their line. Now, they’re back to mark their territory in the effects space, once again.

The Clover

Attention: Electric, Acoustic, AND Bass players: The Clover is a preamp/boost that dependably interprets the FA-1 FET preamp, with several added features that JHS believes have this outstanding circuit sounding even better.

It has four standard controls and a rotary switch. Use the Volume control to secure your volume where you prefer it most, or as boost to encourage your setup. The Bass, Mids, and Treble EQ controls really assist in controlling your tone, and can be manipulated by the rotary switch. The rotary switch has Full EQ, No Mid, and No EQ modes. When set to Full EQ, well, it’s pretty self-explanatory – all controls are in full operation. When set to No Mid, the Mids are fixed, and you’ll achieve an exact replica of the original FA-1. The No EQ mode removes the ability to use the EQ controls, and transforms The Clover into a straight-up FET boost. The Clover also features a Low Cut dip switch, so you can cancel out some of the lows if your tone is a little too “clear as mud” and want to cut through a mix more.

As if that isn’t enough, The Clover also has an XLR output, so you can use it as an acoustic or bass preamp! Use it individually or simultaneously with the standard 1/4″ jacks if you’re looking to use a sound board in addition to your amp. And yes – there’s a ground lift.

Active A/B/Y

#2 is the Active A/B/Y. It’s the key that unlocks your ability to send one signal to two outputs, and choose either one (or both) in any instant. Just plug in, then use the outputs to send signal to any combination of amps, mixers, interfaces, and more. The Active A/B/Y has an output transformer on one of the outputs, so no need for a ground lift. Did you and this pedal just become best friends?

Summing Amp

Next is the Summing Amp. Use this to take two inputs and blend them into a single output. From two signals, it creates one mono signal. It’s perfect for placing your effects in parallel, so they’re not affected by one another. It will allow you to use your effects together in inspiring, unimaginable ways. Another must-have solution for any effects guru!


Now, the Switchback has a few more tricks up its sleeve. At first glance, there’s no chance you’ll be able to predict its massive set of features. It has one input, one output, and two separate (selectable) effects loops, AND an A/B toggle controllable via JHS’s Red Remote switching system. Fun fact: Switchback started in the JHS workshop as a device they used to test and compare pedals. Then, they realized how much potential it had to be an extremely useful tool for anyone’s rig, and decided to produce it. Here are a few of their favorite applications:

  1. A/B True Bypass Looper. Instantly place different effects chains in or out of your rig quickly, or shoot out two pedals with zero cut-out between playing. If you are a pedal demo enthusiast – you can’t live without this.
  2. Simple True Bypass Looper. Place your desired pedal/chain in the first loop, now the toggle/Red Remote will toggle between the loop with your effects and the clean bypass signal. No need to bridge the second loop, since it automatically bypasses any loop where there’s nothing plugged into the jack.
  3. A/B Box. Use Send 1 and Send 2 to go into any application where you need two switchable outputs, and don’t use the output. Then use the Red Remote to switch on the fly.
  4. Amp Input Switcher. Use Send 1 to Channel 1 and Send 2 to Channel 2, so you can “channel switch” on any amp with multiple inputs!
  5. Effects Loop A/B. Plus your amp’s effects loop Send into the input and the amp’s Return into the output. Toggle between the two loops of the Switchback as used in #1!

Whitey Tighty

Last but certainly not least (although it is rather small), the Whitey Tighty Mini Compressor! It’s JHS’s twist on a classic necessity – the effect that you don’t notice when it’s on, but when it’s off – feels like you’re chaffing.

It’s a FET compressor with three simple controls. Volume sets your volume at unity gain or slightly boosted, while Compression and Blend help you combine the amount of compression you want with the amount of clean that goes with it. Country, blues, pop, rock – one size fits all. Allow the Whitey Tighty to help keep everything in its place.

2019 is #pedalboardgoals

JHS has taken the initiative to help you with your pedal board resolutions this year. Whether you need to send one signal to two outputs on the fly, need to take two inputs and blend them into one output, or adjust and shape your EQ – JHS has you covered. How are you supposed to use your board to its full potential without these clever solutions? Which one is first on your wish list?

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