NEW D’Addario XT Strings

Introducing D’Addario’s most technologically advanced string series.

D’Addario XT strings are the latest innovation in expanding the lifespan of your strings and elevating your overall level of performance – without compromising a natural feel. But let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Just so we don’t get our letters all mixed up, let’s not forget where it started. D’Addario’s XL strings have become an industry essential for musicians everywhere. These strings are precision wound with nickel-plated steel onto a hexagonally shaped, high carbon steel core. This innovation was no place for D’Addario to stop during the evolution of guitar strings, but the famous EXL120 and EXL110 packs remain a tried-and-true set for many to this day.

D’Addario went on to deliver the EXP range, which took the hexagonally shaped, high carbon steel core and nickel-plated steel wrap and added a micro-coating using their own advanced, proprietary machines. This micro-coating complimented the familiar uncoated tone of the XL range and added up to four times more life.

Then, in 2014, players were introduced to the stability, break-resistance, and sleek, black packaging of the NYXL series. NYXL strings impressed players by bending farther, singing louder, and staying in tune better than anything they had previously experienced, using a proprietary NY Steel core.

Could all of these innovations be combined?

D’Addario’s XT range may be the answer to ending the tradeoff between corrosion resistant coatings, and keeping it all natural. These strings combine high carbon steel cores with an extended lifespan treatment on every single string, delivering the enhanced experience of being worry-free. Worry-free of breaking strings, unstable pitch, and lifeless tone after one gig. Worry-free of losing the natural tone and characteristics of their instrument.

The extended lifespan treatment is both thin and light enough for players to not notice the difference in tone or feel between XT and their favorite uncoated D’Addario sets.

D’Addario XT strings will be widely available beginning in September, 2019 for electric, acoustic, bass, classical guitar, and even mandolin and banjo.

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