Mythos Releases Three New Pedals!

Introducing the Oracle, Typhon, and Argonaut.

Not one, not two, but THREE new pedals debuted in the Mythos lineup on July 17th at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville. Here they welcomed the Oracle Echo Machine, Typhon Dual Drive, and the Argonaut Octave.

Mythos home base is in Nashville, TN, where founder Zach Broyles and his wife Morgan have been creating effects for nearly 10 years now. This husband and wife team have been working hard! Among welcoming a child into their lives, moving homes, and other crazy life transitions – they have still managed to crank out some of the best effects that you now see as staples on countless pedalboards. And now three new pedals?

Oracle Echo Machine

The Oracle Echo Machine is a combination of classic analog echo pedals and tap echo units in a digital, player-friendly enclosure. It’s perfect for the player who wants all the right features, but doesn’t want the “extra frills.” It features modulation, a built-in tape echo preamp, tone controls for the repeats, and a subdivision control. Pricing on the Oracle is TBD.

Typhon Dual Drive

The Typhon Dual Drive is a modified version of the Herculean V2 combined with an incredible op amp based circuit that gives you a mid-forward sound OR a more open, flat tone. Both sides compliment one another and each feature three controls to help you dial in your sound. Typhon will be sold exclusively through Wildwood Guitars beginning in August, 2019, and will ring up at $249.

Argonaut Octave Up

The Argonaut is a “mini-me” of the Argo Octave Fuzz. It’s a mini octave up pedal with ring mod-esque sound – but pair it with your favorite drive or fuzz pedals to dial in classic 60s octave tones. Argonaut will sell for $119 and will be available for purchase sometime in August, 2019.

Which Mythos creations do you already have on your pedalboard? And which of these three do you plan on snagging first?!

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