MXR Octavio Release

MXR announces a rendition of an effect that helped sculpt the tone palette of legend Jimi Hendrix: the M267 Octavio.

The Octavio sound was first heard on record in the solo of Hendrix’s “Purple Haze,” and its history is fascinating to say the least.

Since its original debut, the Octavio has undergone some changes, and many different versions have graced the homes, studios, and stages of players of all skill levels.

Now you can explore the furthest reaches of that highly sought-after silicon saturation we’ve grown to love, with the addition of your favorite MXR amenities.

The MXR Octavio features a simple Level and Fuzz control layout. Just set these knobs to your desired intensities, and allow your picking dynamics to guide you to your octave/fuzz destination. Combine that with the pedal’s legendary searing, synth-like tones, MXR’s pedalboard-friendly housing, and an affordable price of $129.99, and you’re on your way to becoming something quite legendary yourself.

The MXR Octavio also features a convenient on/bypass LED, and an AC power jack to cater to the modern player.

The M267 Octavio is now available for pre-order through participating MXR dealers.

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