MXR M303 Clone Looper Release

Your pedalboard will thank you.

MXR is known for their extremely wide range of effects. From delays to distortions, to modulations and more – it’s hard to not find something in the MXR lineup that will suit you. But, if you wanted a looper, you would have needed to go elsewhere. Until now.

Get ready to loop – MXR-style. The Clone Looper is designed just like all of your other favorite MXR pedals – incredible quality, packed with features, and accessible with anyone’s budget. You like simple? Great! You like to dive in and get complex? That’s just fine, too. The Clone Looper is here to fill your looper void.

Whether practicing in your bedroom, captivating audiences, or creating compelling sounds in the studio, the MXR Clone Looper has you covered. Record an unlimited number of layers up to 6 minutes long that will remain stored inside the pedal, even when it’s off. The LED flashes a 4-count at the beginning of your recording, so your overdubs can stay ‘in the loop.’ Stop and start your loops in an instant, and undo or redo your most recent layer just as quickly.

The MXR Clone Looper also works in harmony with all of your favorite effects. With storage sample rates up to 88.2kHz, it’ll handle even the highest-gain distortion with ease. It also features an analog through path, so your pre-loop signal doesn’t fall apart. It can also be set for either buffered bypass or true bypass switching – another way to ensure your signal needs are met.

It doesn’t stop there! Explore numerous options for enhancing your looping experience, including changing the speed of your loop to double (3 minutes) or half-speed (12 minutes), or connecting a MXR Tap Tempo Switch to the CTR jack to externally control all functions. The Clone Looper also features an EXP jack for even more external control. Attach a DVP Volume Pedal to adjust your loop’s output level, or a Tap Tempo Switch to engage ‘Play Loop Once’ mode, allowing for smooth live performances always.

MXR Clone Looper’s features in a nutshell:

  • Unprecedented sound quality and feature set for a looper this compact
  • Loop storage rates up to 88.2kHz handle even high-gain distortion with ease
  • Record loops up to 6 minutes long with unlimited dubs
  • Quickly undo your most recent dub
  • Play/Stop switch allows you to start & stop your loop in an instant
  • Retains loop even when powered off
  • Convenient green LED flashes 4 count to the beginning of your loop
  • Set your loop to double-speed, half-speed, or play it in reverse with onboard Volume control or external MXR Tap Tempo Switch connected to CTR jack
  • EXP jack allows external control of output level with a DVP volume pedal or Play Loop Once mode with an MXR Tap Tempo Switch
  • Play Loop Once mode allows you to pull off smooth live performances & re-trigger your loop for stuttering DJ effects
  • Select buffered bypass or true bypass switching as your needs dictate
  • Standard MXR housing for a pedalboard-friendly footprint

The MXR Clone Looper will be ready for pedalboards everywhere beginning sometime October, 2019. It will ring up at $149.99.

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