MXR Brown Acid Fuzz Release

Plug in, tune out.

The MXR Brown Acid Fuzz is a Custom Shop creation, delivering groovy silicon saturation to players who love it low and heavy. It’s based on a classic ’70s UK fuzz circuit, with a simple 3-knob layout, so you can achieve those psychedelic tones in no time. And – it’s great for both guitar players AND bass players.

Set your mood by dialing in the Output, Tone, and Fuzz knobs. You will notice the world around you melting into a union of fuzzy, swirly, colorful bliss. Whether you’re in search of a tool to enhance your already massive power chords, or your searing leads, the Brown Acid Fuzz has you covered.

The limited edition MXR Brown Acid Fuzz graphics were created by the DNA of legendary Bay Area artist Alan Forbes.

The MXR CSP038 Brown Acid Fuzz rings up at $149.99, and is currently available for pre-order from participating authorized dealers.

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