Mooer D7 Delay Release

With 6 customizable delay effects, the D7 Delay is the new and improved multi-delay in MOOER’s Micro Series.

The MOOER D7 Delay is the new and improved multi-delay pedal in MOOER Audio’s Micro Series. It uses 7 signature LED lights to guide you through 6 customizable digital delay effects, with the seventh LED indicating activation of the built-in 150-second looper that can be used simultaneously with any of the six delay settings. The six delay settings include Tape, Liquid, Rainbow, Galaxy, Mod Verse, and Low Bit.

Like the other pedals in MOOER’s Micro Series, the D7 Delay’s effects are customizable and storable, so you can save your creations with fast and easy recall. The MOOER D7 Delay also features a Tap Tempo function, allowing you to set your desired delay timing – and of course – with the “Trail On” feature, your delays will fade out naturally.

The D7 Delay will is now available through participating MOOER Audio dealers.

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One thought on “Mooer D7 Delay Release

  • January 13, 2020 at 8:13 pm

    Tiny and terrific!