Mooer A7 Ambiance Reverb Release

The A7 Ambiance is welcomed as the first reverb pedal in MOOER’s Micro Series.

The MOOER A7 Ambiance features seven different reverb effects that offer a wide array of tone possibilities. These reverbs include Plate, Hall, Warp, Shake, Crush, Shimmer, and Dream. From ambient to psychedelic, you can now experiment with an entirely new world of reverb goodness.

Choose between the totally out-there “Infinite Trail” feature and the “Trail On” feature for a more traditional approach.

With Buffered Bypass and storable presets for each effect, you can save your favorite creations and use them over and over again with easy recall.

The MOOER A7 Ambiance is now available through participating MOOER Audio dealers.*

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