Kemper PROFILER Stage Release

Your Tone Profile is ready shake the floorboards.

The new Kemper PROFILER Stage combines the highly-acclaimed Kemper PROFILER amplifier with the PROFILER remote – two things that would previously have been purchased separately.

The PROFILER Stage’s integrate remote-grade switching system makes traveling with your tone profile even easier than it was with any of your previous Kemper products. Everything you need is in a single, compact controller unit.

Not to be confused with an accessory, the PROFILER Stage is a complete PROFILER. Get the same features and sounds as your favorite Kemper Head or Rack (non-powered) – and even more!

This multi-effects machine/advanced guitar amplifier uses Kemper’s unparalleled PROFILING technology to capture the DNA of any guitar amp. It comes equipped with hundreds of the best guitar amp sounds in the world.

This combined amp + remote allows you to control and program all of your performances intuitively, with the ability to manage up to five different rigs for various applications. There are five buttons that give you direct access to each rig, and a bank system allows you to switch between each performance in its entirety with ease.

There are also four effect buttons that can be assigned individually per rig that can be used to toggle pre- and post amp FX. Imagine setting up your entire performance faster than you can add someone on Snapchat.

There are also dedicated buttons to control the Tuner Mode and Looper, as well as trigger Tap Tempo or other assignable functions.

The PROFILER Stage has dedicated Stereo Monitor Outputs for driving two either full range or standard guitar cabinets simultaneously or independently from the direct stereo feed. Two stereo effect loops with stereo returns for each allow for connecting both pedals and outboard studio effects.

As if that’s not enough, you can add up to four expression pedals for additional control over continuous parameters of the sound. You can also connect external switches to add more toggling functions.

The Kemper PROFILER Stage rings up at $1,700 and is now available for purchase at participating retailers.

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