Keeley Electronics Sweet Spot Johnny Hiland Super Drive Release

If anyone knows how to find the “sweet spot” with his chickin’ pickin’, country licks – it’s Johnny Hiland.

Keeley’s new Johnny Hiland Signature pedal – the ‘Sweet Spot’ Overdrive – is the perfect, touch-sensitive drive for use in applications ranging from country to blues to rock ‘n’ roll. When creating this pedal, the crew at Keeley wanted to make sure everything was up to par with Johnny’s preferences. The midrange tone was set for clarity and definition, and it’s seasoned with slight compression to ensure playing is smooth and effortless.

Johnny’s Sweet Spot is that perfect blend between clean, warm tones and overdrive that delivers singing sustain. The Sweet Spot Overdrive delivers tube-like response with a JFET discrete transistor input. Just like tubes, if you push the Sweet Spot, you will simply sound better! At its core, Sweet Spot encapsulates the workhorse 4558 amp. The diode selection around the op-amp is designed to give you asymmetrical clipping that sounds just like a tube amp.

The pedal features a tone control circuit that not only gives you full-strength highs, it reduces the load on your guitar’s tone, so it’ll sing a little sweeter. Midrange shines through, and you’re sure to achieve beautiful tones throughout any practice or performance with the Sweet Spot.

It’s also incredibly versatile and gives you a lot of flexibility when setting a gain range. Use the gain toggle switch to achieve anything from light, preamp clipping, to organic, searing power tube breakup.

“The market today seems to be flooded with overdrive/distortion pedals. The Sweet Spot Super Drive offers its own sweet voice and character that separates it from all the rest. I feel that we made a sweet sounding overdrive pedal that offers versatility for those guitarists who love playing Telecasters. I would strongly encourage every guitar player to pick up their very own Sweet Spot Super Drive! I also want to thank Robert Keeley and his band of mad scientists for allowing me the opportunity to design this amazing signature pedal with them. I am truly honored and i am so proud of the tone this pedal will give you!” – Johnny Hiland

The Sweet Spot Overdrive is available for purchase on Keeley’s website for $179, but only 15 were left at the time of publishing…

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