JHS Paul Gilbert PG-14 Release

Rated PG-14 for stadium-grade dynamics at low to moderate volume levels. Listener discretion not advised.

JHS Pedals has just announced the release of PG-14, a signature distortion for Paul Gilbert. It’s a unique distortion pedal specifically designed to Paul’s specs. At its core is a FET-based gain engine that recreates the response of a pushed tube amp.

This kind of circuitry allows the player to achieve the tone and dynamics of a loud, stadium-grade amp at low to moderate volume levels. It also features an active mid-frequency preamp that lives at the front of the FET distortion circuit. This allows the user to achieve a vast array of tones – no matter what the rest of their rig is comprised of.

Look no further than PG-14 for adding the ultimate dirt channel to your amplifier.

The JHS PG-14 is available for purchase now through participating JHS dealers* for $199.

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