Jackson Audio Releases Amp Mode and Blossom

Jackson Audio just announced the release of two new pedals: The Amp Mode Boost and Blossom Optical Compressor.


The Amp Mode is a MOSFET transistor boost pedal with the exact same circuitry found in Jackson Audio’s PRISM Preamp. It’s just like the “Amp Mode” on PRISM was removed and plopped into a new, smaller enclosure.

Amp Mode features one simple Boost control, and when dialed all the way up, acts as unity gain buffer that toughens your guitar’s signal to prevent tone loss with long cables and other obstacles.

Use Amp Mode in a variety of settings, whether it’s as a preamp for your overall signal, a boost to push your favorite overdrive into further saturation, or as a post overdrive boost to help your guitar break through the mix. With top-mounted jacks, 9V-18V operation, and true bypass switching, Amp Mode is in trend with the latest of pedal demands.

Amp Mode sells for $149 and is available on Jackson Audio’s website or through participating Jackson Audio dealers.

BLOSSOM Optical Compressor

The Blossom is an easy-to-use optical compressor derived from the inspiration of decades of classic studio compressors. It’s based on the Green channel of the Bloom (country mode) and features the exact same compression circuitry, just in a fraction of the size.

The Blossom features Volume, Comp, EQ, and Mix controls for maximum control over sculpting your compression. Optical compressors are known for their transparency and subtlety, and while the Blossom can dish out some aggression, its strength lies in the ability to sweeten and round out your tone to polish off any sounds that are “rough around the edges.” That being said, the Blossom is perfect for players who don’t find themselves using compression, but want the mastered response that an optical compressor can achieve.

The Blossom sells for $199 and is available on Jackson Audio’s website or through participating Jackson Audio dealers.

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