Hungry Robot Borderland & Borderland Lite Release

The new Hungry Robot Borderland is an advanced digital reverb with a versatile modulation section. The Borderland Lite is, well, what you could imagine…a stripped down version of its brother. “The base reverb section on this pedal is just too good to pass up going a lite version” says Eric, founder and engineer of Hungry Robot Pedals.

Diving more into Borderland’s features, you will notice there are a TON. Some of the notable features include tap tempo LFO, 8 unique LFO wave forms, and an external clock input that can receive traditional tap tempo or 5V modular clock signals. It also features 4 modulation modes that are applied to the wet reverb signal: tremolo, chorus/vibrato, 3-octave tremolo, and a mode that modulates and crossfades between an octave up signal.

For the players out there who aren’t looking for a pedal with all the bells and whistles, Hungry Robot also introduces the Borderland Lite. The Borderland Lite has been peeled back, removing the complex LFO and 2 of Borderland’s four modulation modes. On the Borderland Lite, you can activate the 3-octave reverb via the right toggle switch.

Both pedals feature separate wet/dry controls, a resonant low pass filter, and a [near] infinite sustain footswitch. They both also boast “Secret Mode,” which replaces the reverb code with delay code, so you can apply the same modulation modes to the delay section, too (4 on the Borderland, 2 on the Borderland Lite). You can access this mode via internal dipswitch on either pedal.

The Borderland will ring up at $249.10, and the Borderland Lite at $197.10. They will both be available from participating Hungry Robot dealers in October, 2019.

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