Hudson Broadcast-AP Release

We all love the Hudson Broadcast. Let’s face it – it’s become a staple preamp among the sea of pedals in today’s guitar space. With its transformer coupled, Class A germanium foundation, it can cover anything from sparkling clean boost to powerful transparent overdrive in the low-gain setting, to heavier distorted tones with edgy warmth in the high-gain setting.

Until now, the Hudson Broadcast has been available in three options – the single-switch version, double-switch version, and 24V version. Now, a fourth option has risen through the collaborative efforts of founder Michael Hudson and Ariel Posen.

“I’ve been very excited to collaborate with Ariel Posen to produce the Broadcast-AP. It’s an evolution of the Broadcast, designed to integrate with Ariel’s unique sound.” – Michael Hudson

The Hudson Broadcast-AP has the same core as the original Broadcast, a class-A discrete, transformer-coupled circuit. This circuit was designed to saturate in a way that is reminiscent of certain recording and broadcast consoles from the ’60s.

In the Broadcast-AP, the germanium transistor was exchanged for a Silicon transistor, with an OEP transformer, saturating and distorting less below 100Hz compared the the Triad transformer in the standard version. The result of these changes is a darker, smoother, and more powerful tone.

As for controls, the Broadcast-AP features both Level and Gain Trim pots, as well as a switchable high-pass/low-cut filter. The Gain Trim control has 12dB more gain than the low-gain portion of the standard Broadcast, allowing Broadcast-AP to cover more ground. The gain in Broadcast-AP can be increased via an internal trimmer, which you can push all the way to achieve thick, fuzzy, over-the-top sounds.

The Broadcast-AP is available exclusively through Andertons for £189.00.

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