How Does Joey Landreth Find His Bliss With Chase Bliss Audio Pedals?

This week on TPS, Dan & Mick welcomed friend of the show Joey Landreth who was heading home from a UK and European tour. As one of the usual suspects on the TPS guest list, each time Joey’s in studio Dan & Mick are quick to explore how his style and rig have evolved since the previous visit.

As Dan summed up, one of the biggest gear innovations of Joey’s tour pedalboard as how it “let the pedals enjoy themselves,” which in many ways, “centered around the capabilities of the Chase Bliss Audio pedals.” Joey agreed, “The Chase Bliss stuff just sounds great and they’re really fun to interact with.”

So how did Joey find his bliss in these digital brain analog heart stompboxes?

Chase Bliss Audio Thermae

As Joey demoed, one of the big innovations was interacting with his pedals to let them recreate and curate melodic content. For example, by using a phrase sampler that quantizes and expands a riff in intervals of fifths by The Montreal Assembly, what began as a fairly standard set of notes was dispatched back in a beautifully harmonic piece of music.

With this loop generated, Joey then sent the sound through the Thermae, which already has its own musical character. The Thermae encapsulated and evolved the loop so it had texture and brilliance. As Dan reflected, “there were so many times during your gigs where you would set up a sound like that. It just added this whole other element and even a randomness to it that was beautiful.”

Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall

While the Thermae delivered the more out there and complex echoes, Joey looked to the Tonal Recall as his go-to delay sound. Not only does the analog pulse of this pedal provide space and body, it also resulted in some happy accidents.

“There was a time about a year ago where I wasn’t even bringing a pedalboard to the gig,” Joey commented, “I kind of felt like the pedals were playing me because I had all these preset sounds.” As he experimented with live changes in tempo and on-the-fly interactions with dip switches, however, pedals like the Tonal Recall had their own unexpected but welcome hiccups. For example, with the analog blips that come with subdivision or tap temp shifts mid song. “I found there’s something organic about how all these pedals work that keeps you engaged.”

Chase Bliss Audio Dark World Reverb

The dual-side Dark World is latest entry and collaboration created by Chase Bliss, which Joey remarked “is absolutely gorgeous.” Among the thirty-three potential routing options on the pedal, for both Dan and Joey, the plate setting on the “world” side has become their fave.

In addition to this reverb sound, one of the parallel space-making mechanisms on a daughter pedalboard from Joey’s main rig featured the new GigRig Wetter Box which helped add expression and effect blend between a reverb and delay sound when necessary. For Joey, having multiple reverb options on the floor not only sparked fresh inspiration on stage it helped mimic the signature sounds built in studio.

Whether you’re looking to find your own Chase Bliss solution or exploring other frontiers of tonal bliss, head over to Riff City instore and online for a massive selection of pedals. Regardless of your playing environment, from bedroom tone to stadium sounds, we’ve got you covered.

Gear for Joey’s 2019 Tour Rig:

Guitars: Sorokin 8 0008.

Pedals: Dan Drive Secret Weapon, 1969 Vox V846 Wah, TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini, Mythos High Road Joey Landreth Fuzz, Mythos Argo, Mythos Mjolnir, Jackson Audio Bloom, Jackson Audio Broken Arrow, Montreal Assembly Count to Five, Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall Red Knob, Chase Bliss Audio Thermae, Chase Bliss Audio Dark World, Selah Quartz Timer V3, TheGigRig Wetter Box, Two Notes Torpedo CAB M, TC Electronic Flashback Mini, Dunlop Volume X Mini.

Amps: Two-Rock Traditional Clean and 212 cab/TR1265B speakers; Revv D20 head and Hamstead 112/Celestion Alnico Cream speaker.

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