10 “Hidden Gem” Retailers You Oughtta Know About

There’s never enough good “inside” information, is there? In the spirit of sharing what we know – as well as information/opinions from those close to us – we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be great music stores that are due a digital round of applause.

These are stores that we personlly know, or have been pointed out by industry professionals we have worked with, or by fans in a recent survey. For the purpose of the list, we are sticking to full service stores with at least one physical store that is open regular business hours.

To many of our readers, the stores on this list will seem more well-known, but as a whole, based on website traffic stats and other indicators, we feel that more people should know about these great retailers.

We reached out to all of them and asked for information. In some cases we had direct contacts, in other cases we sent a request through their public customer severvice portal. Our ranking, to be honest, was highly influenced by those responses, because we simply had more to “work with” in making an assessment. If we did not hear back, we had to go with what we could find.

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One thought on “10 “Hidden Gem” Retailers You Oughtta Know About

  • February 10, 2020 at 7:20 pm

    You really should look at Dave’s Guitars in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. Huge selection, in-store luthiers, great prices