Greer Gorilla Warfare MKII Release

Untamable overdrive tones that have been caged up are about to break free – without mercy.

The Greer Gorilla Warfare MKII is a Summer NAMM release from Nick and the Greer Amps crew. This long-anticipated, LM-308 style overdrive that has been given a great deal of attention and focus in order to achieve the true tonal origins of this infamous circuit. Extra time was spent in making sure the sweep and feel of the Tone control were just right.

So where was MKI? Well, Nick returned to the circuit to perfect it after long ago releasing several units of the original Gorilla Warfare to mostly friends and artists. Rekindling this vision has resulted in an extremely recognizable, versatile overdrive that now fits many more applications.

Nick describes the pedal as one of those “late nights, filled with loud music, questionable decisions, and the occasional run-in with a big, beastly monster that wants to rip our faces off.” He says they have received countless requests for a “Greer Amps version of the RAT circuit,” so Gorilla Warfare MKII is his faithful tribute. Complete with the good ‘ole LM-308 chip, Gorilla Warfare MKII is aggressive – and won’t hold back.

There are several updates, including the quality of the circuit’s components, and a Tone control where you used to see that old Filter knob. The Tone control covers the same territory as the original Filter knob, but gives you an extra dose or two of treble.

Gorilla Warfare MKII is ready to go to war on July 18th, 2019.

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