Greer Amps SOMA 63 Preamp

Launching Into New Territory

The Greer Amps SOMA 63 is launching Greer into new territory: transformer-based preamps. The first of Greer’s XFR Series pedals, it delivers an incredibly pronounced texture that can be heard even by the least trained ears. It lets you achieve those iconic early ’60s “brown amp” sounds, with all the necessary controls. It even has a cabinet simulator that dials in the output profile of the legendary Utah 4×10″ speaker.

The Greer Amps SOMA 63 tone stack is designed to be incredibly dynamic. The Presence control affects the general sound of the entire circuit. It features a steel core transformer in the audio signal path, which lends to the overall tone shaping of the circuit. When the gain is pushed hard, especially with higher output pickups, the transformer will saturate, much like a vintage amplifier. SOMA 63 can be used as an overdrive pedal, or a preamp for shaping your tone.

About Greer

Nick Greer founded Greer Amplification in 1998, after receiving inspiration from his grandfather Allen. His grandfather advised, “pick one thing–do it really well, and you’ll go far. He said, “you’ll know…you just know when it clicks.” So, that’s what Nick did. He began making pedals for he and his friends. Through word of mouth, the demand for his products increased. He now has dealers all over the U.S. and in several other countries. He focuses on using the highest quality components, most articulate attention to detail, and finest amount of care in all of his pedals and amplifiers.

Many people ask Nick why Greer focuses so much on distortion pedals. His answer, which reflects on the advice he received from his grandfather, is “I picked one thing. I didn’t like the sounds I was hearing, so I decided I could do it better than some other companies.” He focuses on making sure there is a distortion flavor for everyone.

“We know what is it like to have to depend on gear night after night. That’s why we overbuild every product we make.” – Nick Greer

The Greer Amps SOMA 63 is yet another gain-driven addition to the lineup, peeling away the textured tolex from your favorite brown-faced amps of the ’60s and wrapping your board up in gritty goodness.

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