Fulltone Announces Custom Shop Ranger

This fall, Fulltone announced the Ranger, a new boost pedal that will be an addition to their Custom Shop range. The Ranger is a rendition of the legendary Dallas Rangemaster treble booster – Fulltone style.

Among the various tweaks is a 6-position rotary switch, which gives you an array of boost-able frequencies to select from. These include Full Range, Low Mid Boost, Mid Boost, Rangemaster #1 Treble Boost .0047 Cap, Rangemaster #2 .0068 Cap, and Highest.

Fueling its core is a germanium transistor, just like the original. However, Fulltone’s Rangemaster will have the ability to be powered by a 9V negative-ground power supply OR regular 9V battery.

Some of its other features include top mounted jacks, an amber light jewel, and an adjustable transistor bias trimmer. The pedal is very small at 4.75″ x 2.9″, but it can still fit that battery we mentioned earlier AND features full-sized components.

More information to come on the Fulltone Ranger!

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