Electro-Harmonix OpAmp Big Muff Pi

Electro-Harmonix OpAmp Big Muff Pi

The Electro-Harmonix OpAmp Big Muff Pi is a faithful recreation of the original OpAmp Big Muff used on The Smashing Pumpkins “smash” hit album, Siamese Dream. 

The original OpAmp Big Muffs from the late ’70s are obviously a hot commodity. But, what if you could achieve the same crushing, grungy tone in a smaller, more affordable, and allover more practical enclosure? Mike Matthews of EHX did just that.

The reissue uses op-amps rather than transistors, and has three gain stages rather than four. This helps create its unique, signature tone. It’s been described by Big Muff collector and historian Kit Rae as “a huge, crushing Big Muff sound with more crunch…great for grungy, wall-of-sound distortion, heavy rhythm playing and heavy leads.”

Tone that is just…”smashing.”

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