Electro-Harmonix MOD 11 Release

The latest “Modulation Sensation!”

The Electro-Harmonix Mod 11 features exactly what it sounds like – Modulation x 11! Enjoy 11 key modulation effects at the turn of a knob, ranging anywhere from classic to contemporary. You also get advanced functionality by way of ‘hidden’ parameters that are accessible through a Secondary Knob Mode, so you have incredible control over using Mod 11’s modes to your greatest advantage.

Here are the 11 modulation effects:

  • TREM: Tremolo modulates your signal’s volume. Selectable modes allow your playing envelope to control modulation rate or depth.
  • HARM: Harmonic tremolo. The signal is split into high and low frequency bands and modulated between the two. Selectable modes allow your playing envelope to control modulation rate or depth.
  • VIBR: Vibrato modulates your instrument’s pitch. Selectable modes allow your playing envelope to control modulation rate or depth.
  • UNI: pays homage to the classic Univibe®. Includes “Chorus” and “Vibrato” modes plus added overdrive
  • CHORUS: Warbling, doubling, chorus effect like the EHX Small Clone. Extra modes include tri-chorus and bass chorus effects
  • ROTARY: Rotary speaker cabinet simulation. Extra functionality includes overdrive plus envelope control over rotation speed 
  • FLANGE: Flanging with modes for both additive and subtractive flanger. Multiple LFO shapes, including envelope follower
  • TZF: Through Zero Flanger. A flanger effect that crosses through the “zero point” of the sweep where the modulated delayed signal meets back with the dry signal. Modes for both additive and subtractive flanger, plus barber-pole flanger
  • PHASE: Choose from 4, 6, or 8 stage phaser. Multiple LFO shapes including envelope follower
  • PITCH: Modulated pitch shifter. Select your main pitch shift and modulate around it. Extra functionality includes a dry blend and stepped pitch modes
  • FILT: Modulated filter effects like those on classic analog synths. Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass. Multiple LFO shapes available including a Q-Tron style envelope follower

Quickly and easily switch in and out of effects mode for quick accents with Mod 11’s Momentary Mode. It also features Tap Tempo that is controllable via the built-in footswitch, or an external one.

Like many other Electro-Harmonix pedals, Mod 11 is crafted in a compact, rugged enclosure and includes a power supply. They will begin shipping in August 2019 to participating retailers with a street price of $151.

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