Electro-Harmonix Dirt Road Special Amp Release

The Holy Grail of re-imagined combo amps!

Let’s throw it back to the 1970s for a moment. Electro-Harmonix has always had a raving reputation for creating only the BEST in effects. Little did a lot of people know, they made some pretty kick ass amps, too. The original Dirt Road Special made its debut in the mid to late 1970s, and was “named for its gritty funkiness, great power efficiency, and extreme durability” according to advertisements.

The highly-acclaimed solid state transistor combo amp has now been re-imagined for 2019, with modern improvements to its electronics and mechanical design. The modernized Dirt Road Special pushes out 40 watts in a compact design with a 12″ speaker. Very straightforward. So what can you expect from the sound?

Electro-Harmonix promises “sweet clean tone,” and “raw, natural overdrive” via interactive Volume and Bite knobs to control the crunch. The main Volume, Tone, and Bite controls haven’t changed. Although, rather than an integrated Small Stone Phaser, the new version includes four in-house reverb types.

The four in-house reverbs are courtesy of EHX’s Holy Grail Max. Get great-sounding digital Spring, Plate, Hall, and Reverse reverbs using the Reverb control. These can be selected using a dedicated switch (which is included, by the way.) Use the Time control to set the reverberation length.

“The Dirt Road Special has an amazing, wide open, airy sound. We all love this amp.” – Mike Matthews

The EHX Dirt Road Special rings up at $395. Available for purchase late July, 2019.

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