Death By Audio ROOMS Release

A stereo, multi-function digital reverb that you will definitely have to make ROOM for on your pedalboard.

Death By Audio’s latest pedal ROOMS is a stereo, multi-function digital reverb that is capable of producing long, trailing ambiances, gated walls of sound, and blazing volume. Combined with intuitive controls, ROOMS is designed with live mood-bending in mind.

ROOMS features a studio-quality mixer section (designed in collaboration with friends at Electronic Audio Experiments) to provide the player with independent DRY and FX controls over six carefully programmed algorithms including ROOM, DIGIT, PEAK, GATE, WAVE, and GONG. Each reverb is capable of reaching a vast universe of tones that are easily explorable via the simple-to-navigate control layout. It also features an ALT footswitch to assist in all your algorithm explorations.

Use controls like FREQ and DEPTH to control the frequency and depth of your selected mode, and the TIME knob to control the reverb time in all modes. DRY controls the volume of the dry signal, and FX controls the volume of the reverb signal (both from -inf to 20x gain).

The creative I/O switching and dual-mono dry signal lines allow the player plenty of possible mono and stereo combinations, so you can easily route signals for parallel processing or stereo amp setups.

Algorithm Overview:

  • ROOM: A classic reverb that simulates many different rooms.
  • DIGIT: A filter matrix verb capable of creating otherworldly resonances and fractured repeats.
  • PEAK: A super intense bandpass filter combined with an ambient reverb.
  • GATE: A gated reverb. Short reverb times create a classic gate effect, long reverb times create a controllable freeze effect.
  • WAVE: Creates a pitch vibrato effect. Lowering TIME will blend out the reverb signal, allowing sweeps from chorus/vibrato to long modulated reverbs.
  • GONG: Ethereal, crushed reverb sounds guaranteed to make you star in the upcoming remake of DUNE and live out your sci-fi fantasies of space travel and galactic domination.

ROOMS is now available for pre-order through participating authorized Death By Audio dealers.* Anticipated ship date is sometime in Spring of 2020.

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