Death By Audio Phosphene Scream Release

A ‘levitating’ reverb + delay brought to you through collaborative efforts.

The Phosphene Scream Delay + Reverb is a collaborative design between Death By Audio, the Levitation festival, and Alex Maas and Christian Bland of The Black Angels and A Place to Bury Strangers.

A while back, Oliver Ackermann of Death By Audio got together with Alex Maas and Christian Bland from The Black Angels to dream up the most psychedelic, blasted out reverb and delay pedal of all time. 

After many late-nights discussing circuits, they landed on a reverb that multiplies internal reflections of segments of comb filtered waveforms from zero to infinity and smashed it into a meticulously tuned multifunctional delay. What would become the Phosphene Scream would generate every reverb and delay sound under the sun – from ‘60s psychedelic tones, to the future punks of the 22nd century.

The reverb portion covers the widest spectrum of your favorite reverbs like thick, realistic halls, to waves that never end. The delay portion is set up so that one knob blends in the delay while simultaneously turning up the feedback, taking you from slapback to outbursting scream with the turn of a dial. The D-Time control adjusts the delay time, but delivers sounds that are anything but subtle. Here’s a closer look at Phosphene Scream’s intuitive controls.

  • Reverb: Sets the mix of the reverberated signal and adjusts the reverb time simultaneously.
  • Feedback: Sets both the feedback of the delay and the delay level, ranging from zero of both to almost never-ending screaming repeats. 
  • D-Time: Sets the time between the repeats of the delayed signal. At short times, allows for comb-filter-like results.
  • Filter Toggle: Changes the character of the repeats and reverberation between low passed, unfiltered, and high passed. 

It also features a 3-way toggle switch, adjusting the tonality of the decays for all of the effects. Set it to the left for booming, thunderous tones. Set it in the middle for a super-full range, and set it to the right for a bright, edgy, vintage vibe.

The Phosphene Scream is limited to 420 units. You can pre-order yours now on the Levitation website for $200. That is – if there are any left!

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