Chase Bliss Audio & Meris Collaborate on CXM 1978

Chase Bliss Audio and Meris proudly reveal a project they have been collaborating on – the CXM 1978 – a pedal variation of the famous (1978) studio reverb.

“I’m just absolutely over the moon about this. Simply put, is an absolute dream collaboration for me,” states CBA founder Joel Korte in an Instagram post unveiling the project.

The CXM 1978 lives inside the housing of Chase Bliss Automatone’s latest Preamp MkII, and when combined with the pro-level sound design made famous by Meris, CXM 1978 faithfully represents a modern take on its inspiration.

It’s loaded with three massive algorithms designed to take your guitars and synthesizers to new, uncharted heights.

Notable Features:

  • Moving faders with presets & MIDI control
  • 32-bit AD/DA
  • LoFi Mode for vintage digital sounds
  • Adjustable Decay Crossover for fully shapeable reverb
  • Expression pedal control over all sliders
  • Stereo input and output +/- 15V rails (via standard 9V input) for line level signals

The price of the CXM 1978 is yet to be determined, and its current estimated availability is late summer, 2020.

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