Chapman 2018 Models

The Chapman 2018 models continue to show off the collaborative design efforts between Chapman and their fans, bringing them exactly what they are looking for. Since the exciting debut of the Standard and Pro series at NAMM last year, bassists, lefties, and extended-rangers have been asking, “Where’s my new Chapman guitar?”

You ask, you shall receive! For 2018, Chapman unveiled a fresh batch of lefties, 7-strings, and basses. They have also re-introduced the CAP10 in White and the Norseman.

Through their unique fan-based voting process, Chapman narrowed their offerings down to deliver exactly what each of these demographics wanted. January 2018 marked the birth of five new lefty models: the Ghost Fret Standard in Midnight Sky, Ghost Fret Pro in Iris, ML1 Modern Standard in Midnight Sky, ML1 Modern Pro in Dusk, and the MLV Pro in Fireburst.

For extended-range players, choose between an ML1-7 Pro Modern or a Ghost Fret 7 Pro in Lunar or Iris Sea. “Iris Sea” is a brand new, poll-winning finish, showing off their fan-favorite Iris purple fading into a satin Sea-blue.

Perhaps the most highly-anticipated reveal this year was the new MLB1, a spruced-up version of its precedent. Now get the MLB1 in a 4 or 5-string, with an American Black Walnut body and a maple neck with an American Black Walnut stripe. The other new “bass-buzz” has to be Dave Hollingworth’s new signature basses. These feature Mapa Burl/Ovangkol bodies and Wenge/Ovangkol pinstriped necks. You can even get one with fanned frets!

Last but certainly not least, the Lee Anderton CAP10 has been re-introduced in White with rolled edges for a sleeker and more comfortable feel. The Norseman guitars have also undergone some changes, including the new snowy “Hjarn” and “Midgarsormen Svart” finishes.

What will come down the Chapman chute next?

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2 thoughts on “Chapman 2018 Models

  • February 25, 2018 at 9:44 am

    I wish Chappers would give us a ghostfret without the reversed headstock… 🙁 At least I haven’t seen one yet..

  • February 18, 2018 at 9:37 am

    Hopefully they will have an HSS model soon.


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