Catpick Studios: NewTuber of the Month!

Vladimir Halinen is a super talented gear aficionado who loves sharing his knowledge with fans around the world. We found him on facebook with a post “I finally had a chance to check out Solar Guitars at NAMM 2020. Spoiler: I liked them way more than I thought I would” – probably because I had just been on our Solar Guitars giveaway page. We were shocked to learn he was fairly new with a humble 3,500 subscribers.

Catpick Studios channel has everything a season vet’s channel would have. Catchy thumbnails, timely subject matter, and high quality content. If we covered up his sub numbers, we think you’d all guess it was much, much higher.

Number of Videos (as of today)278
Years as a Channel3 (10, but got serious 3 years ago)
Most viewed videoUniversal Audio Apollo Twin Duo vs Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Turning point videoMESA/Boogie Recto-verb 25w Head Demo
Our Favorite VideoBad Christmas Song Translations from Finnish to English (more of this please)
What we like bestVladimir’s humorous and vernacular self-consciousness:)
What we want more ofHis “multi-talent” content

We asked Vladimir when he felt that his channel really started and he pointed us to a Mesa Boogie video and said that one particular encouraging comment really put the wind in his sails to move seriously forward and do more. We believe we’ve found the comment he was referring to below:

You never know what impact your words might have Chico!

How about that name? Catpick Studios? Vladimir says that while he started his channel with his proper name, he realized it was difficult to spell for the purposes of searching- and remembering. So having two cats and lots of picks…he married the words and liked how it sounded. We think it made for a great logo too!

We truly hope that Vladimir – with his Catpick Studios channel will see how his insight and multi-talent could provide some much-needed uniqueness and interesting content. While his gear demos are really great, we think he YouTube could use more musicality and inspiration in the vein of Rob Scallon and Frog Leap. We believe from what we’ve seen, that he could be that “someone” to deliver it!

Please click here to view Catpick Studios and please sub! It’s great stuff!

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